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With experienced, professional and dedicated staff - HI-END PROPERTY (HEPRO) always try our best to bring the most satisfaction for clients

Director: Mrs. Nguyen Thi Ha My

Graduating from Danang University of Economics with an excellent academic record, along with winning the national first prize in the field of macroeconomics research, Ms. Ha My has accumulated extensive experience in 9 years of working at two foreign companies, Foxconn from Taiwan and Savills Vietnam. With over 15 years of expertise in managing large-scale resort projects in Danang and the Central region market, Ms. Ha My has chosen to pursue a career in the luxury real estate segment, catering to customers who are cautious, knowledgeable, and in need of specialized services. She has achieved many outstanding sales records for major projects of VinaLiving and BRG, as well as trained numerous sales teams.

With a reputation and years of experience built through many cycles of prosperity and recession in the real estate market, Ms. Ha My and HEPRO Company are providing premium real estate consulting services (for buying and selling houses, and short-term or long-term property management and leasing) in the Danang, Quang Nam, and Quy Nhon markets for many clients and partners. Every year, the company expands its market development and delves deeper into this specialized segment. As the owner and director of the company, Ms. Ha My values the preservation of the brand and emphasizes maintaining the company's reputation throughout its development journey.

Sales manager: Mrs. Tran Thi Tuong Vy


Ms. Tuong Vy graduated from Da Nang Foreign Language University majoring in Translation and Interpretation in 2004. With nearly 19 years of experience in various fields, including Tourism, Commerce, Import-Export, Education, and High-end Resort Management, Ms. Vy has gained extensive knowledge and diverse experiences, which greatly support her main career as a Sales Consultant and Manager.

Choosing the field of high-end resort real estate is both a long-term commitment and Ms. Vy's passion. She has been actively involved in buying, selling, managing, and leasing luxury real estate for more than 10 years. The working philosophy of HEPRO Company and Ms. Vy is always focused on dedication, attention to detail, and credibility with customers. Learning, improving knowledge, and updating market trends are always a top priority for Ms. Vy and the HEPRO sales team to keep up with the dynamic nature of high-end real estate consulting.

Through the ups and downs of the real estate market and the company's development, Ms. Vy always maintains her stance, stays committed to her chosen path, and works closely with HEPRO, uniting with the sales team to build and develop the company to become increasingly stronger.

Accounting & HR Manager: Mrs. Le Thi My Hanh


My Hanh graduated with a degree in Hotel Management and is very passionate about the tourism and hospitality industry. With over 8 years of experience in supervising, managing and maintaining villas, as well as catering to short and long-term customer needs at Hiend Property, My Hanh has a deep understanding of the unique needs and desires of high-end resort guests. Her experience in managing cash flow, accounts payable/receivable and project cash flow has helped her develop skills in financial management for the company.

Her love for the job and dedication has driven her to constantly learn and improve her work. Joining the enthusiastic team at HEPRO, My Hanh always strives to contribute to the creation of excellent service products. Providing quality services requires many elements, from infrastructure to service quality, so HEPRO always seeks to improve its service quality to bring the best satisfaction to its customers.

Additionally, her responsibilities include searching for and retaining the best talent for the company. She stated, "I hope that HEPRO will have more excellent staff to help the company become stronger and more competitive in this market."

 Sales Consultant: Ms.Tran Thi Hiep

"Some people look for a beautiful property. Others create stunning real estate." - Hazrat Inayat Khan

With a Bachelor's degree in English Language from Da Nang University of Foreign Languages, Hiep has been working in the tourism and hospitality industry for 4 years. Joining the HEPRO team in 2021 as a business development executive in the rental sector, Hiep is passionate about the service industry and strives to provide excellent care for customers and partners, while constantly learning to improve his skills. His long-term goal is to gain expertise in short-term management, operation and rental of luxury resort properties, as well as to provide advice on buying, selling and transferring premium real estate. 

 Sales Consultant: Ms. Bui Thi Phuong Dieu

Graduating with a bachelor's degree in English Language specialized in Tourism from the University of Foreign Languages - University of Danang, Dieu has been working with Hiend Property for over a year because of her passion for developing relationships in the service and tourism industry. As a Leasing officer, with fluent English and basic Chinese communication skills, Dieu takes responsibility for short-term leasing bookings, customer care, long-term asset management, and bilingual content writing for the company's marketing materials. Being a member of the young staff of the company, Dieu always considers herself as a learner and strives to gain more experience in managing and operating villas and apartments for daily customers, dealing with every simple and complex transaction, which helps her become stronger and more mature. Learning from excellent colleagues around her is also a silent and effective way for Dieu to progress when participating in sales events of resort real estate projects.

 Operations & Sales : Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Hang

As a Bachelor of Finance and Enterprise from Danang University of Economics, Hang has 7 years of continuous experience in various fields from hotels, golf courses to real estate, international finance. Her roles have ranged from HR specialist, sales executive, head of customer care to Assistant Director of Business and Marketing at a high-end real estate investment and development company in Danang.

Throughout her career, Hang has constantly been learning, researching and developing herself to create the best value for the company. This is her philosophy of life and work: always prioritize the interests of the team and the company.
Hang enjoys innovation and creativity in her work, and is passionate about change.

At HEPRO, Hang is assigned the position of Operations Coordinator and Property Rental Consultant. She is responsible for transparent reporting of income and expenses in operational management, timely information to landlords on a monthly basis; participating in training courses on products, diving deep to understand and analyze the advantages of each product that the company distributes, providing accurate advice to customers; and always accompanying customers and partners in all matters related to the products and services that the company provides.

 Project Sales Manager : Mr. Nguyen Nam Phong

Phong, a business administration graduate, has gained valuable knowledge and experience from various positions in the tourism and hospitality industry, including restaurant manager, hotel manager (3-star), chain hotel director (2 to 4-star), and founder & CEO of an online travel company. In mid-2019, Phong joined the professional and enthusiastic team at HEPRO (Hiend Property Vietnam). Over the past four years, he has had the opportunity to learn, accumulate and apply in-depth knowledge about the vacation real estate market in general and investment, buying, exploiting and leasing seaside vacation real estate in particular. As a high-end vacation real estate brand, Phong and the Hiend Property team always strive to provide customers with reputable and prestigious real estate investment projects from leading developers.

 The head of Housekeeping and Asset Housekeeping: Mr. Nguyen Van Phao


For each villa and apartment, the factors related to the quality of the house, furniture, equipment, and service quality are the "face" that determines when customers choose to stay, whether it's for a short or long period of time. Some customers at Hiend Property have rented the same unit continuously for 6 years, and the company still maintains the house in good and new condition for both tenants and owners.

Nguyen Van Phao, the head of Housekeeping and Asset Management, is responsible for controlling and coordinating all activities of the housekeeping and property maintenance department, welcoming and handing over the house to customers. Anh Phao always works with attentiveness and dedication, regardless of holidays or day and night, because customers may need 24/7 services.

Phao believes that the company's reputation has been built for many years and accumulated from market lessons and customer feedback. He and the company always take care of customers with passion and aim for long-term and sustainable benefits.

The housekeeping and property management department
The housekeeping and property management department at Hiend Property Vietnam has nearly 15 years of experience in operating and managing villas and apartments in The Ocean Resort, The Ocean Estates Da Nang, and other resorts managed by the company. The staff is well-trained and meticulous to every detail in their work. This is evidenced by the satisfaction of thousands of tourists and customers who have chosen to stay at the villas and apartments managed by Hiend Property Vietnam.


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